Mill-Thread Solid Carbide

We offer a wide range of solid carbide mill threading tools, designed for an extensive array of applications. We can accommodate every need: from basic, cost-effective solutions, to the most demanding applications.The smallest possible cutting diameter is only 2.2 mm large.Same tool can be used for both Right-hand and Left-hand threads.

Mini Mill-Thread

The Mini Mill-Thread can be used to machine Titanium, surgical stainless steels, and hardened materials (up to 45 HRC) – as well as for general purpose threading.ItCan work under high cutting speeds, resulting in shorter machining times( Minimum Dia 1.2 x 0.25mm).

DMT/DMTH - 3 in 1

The DMTH product line expands the existing range of DMT thread mills, by offering tools with the ability to cut hardened materials(upto 62 HRC), steels (incl. stainless), and super/high-performance alloys.


Mill-Thread Indexable

A Mill-Thread inserts and tool holders that include multiple straight flutes. These tools are well-suited for machining long threads (from small to large diameters).The inserts are double sided, i.e. have two cutting edges (except for BSPT / NPT / NPTF)


Spiral Mill-Thread

The Spiral Mill-Thread containing threading inserts for popular thread profiles. Depending on the length of the insert, these tools can provide a solution for pitches from 1.0 mm / 16 TPI to 6.0 mm / 4 TPI.Each spiral-fluted tool holder contains anywhere between 1 and 9 inserts, in a comparatively small cutting diameter. The same insert can machine both internal & external applications (except for inserts for ISO and UN threads)

CMT Vertical Milling

Versatile, cost-effective inserts that support a wide range of pitches, and thread diameters and it supports both Internal and External threads. These inserts are also capable of completing a wide variety of threading jobs.


The D-Thread  inserts and tool holders are used in order to enable the cutting of threads in deep parts. The multi-insert holders allow for improved productivity. Also these inserts have three cutting edge which reduces the cost. Itsupports both Internal and External threads.